TRIBUTE - Michael Green

Geoff Campbell
16/12/69 - 11/09/01




Graduation 1991
 Danny, Paul, Geoff & Michael






Geoff with Tommy
(Michael & Lynne's son)
August 2001

Michael read this moving and humorous tribute at Geoff's Remembrance Service at Our Lady of Perpetual Succour, Little Billing, Northampton on Sunday 30th September 2001.

My Tribute to Geoff Campbell - the best friend I could have hoped for.
Geoff had some of the happiest times of his life over the past year.  Time with his family. Recent trips home to see them - trips all around the country. Seeing his lovely nieces Phoebe and Esmé, and their mother Mel. His parents in Northampton. His grandparents.  Nights out with his brothers Matt and Rob - the modern day Campbell clan. Dreaming of their next big money spinner - be it the American arm of the Campbell empire, or all or nothing on red at the Rubicon.  Most of all time with this fiancée Caroline. The true love of his life. The girl who really understood and loved the real Geoff Campbell.

Everyone here has their own memories of Geoff. There are just so many different parts to Geoff's character. No tribute could capture even a small percentage of them. Steve Wormleighton and I were lucky enough and proud to be very close to Geoff. Here is a few of our memories.

Geoff's generosity. The pooling of resources. Whether you turned up for a night out with £500 in cash or 40p and a bus ticket home, the idea was to have a good time. And Geoff made sure it happened. 

Sporting Ability. The International Badminton player - playing across Europe in front of thousands of adoring fans. Left back for Campion School football team. And England's answer to Tiger Woods - his unique left handed putting stroke displayed across the best golf courses America had to offer.

The Intellect. 9 'O' Levels, 3 'A' Levels and two university degrees to his name. The brilliant mathematical mind. Geoff had a fantastic career ahead of him in his chosen field.

The Model. Geoff made legendary fashion statements.  None better than his dyed red hair matched with red curtains sewn into his jeans.  Together with the famed Burmese looks, his unique sense of style made him a prize catch for any girl. 

The budding Art Collector. Most evident in his later years as he traipsed around American art galleries seeking out the next Mona Lisa. Always with an eye for a undervalued piece of Poole Pottery.

The Competitive spirit. Geoff rarely let an argument end before he had claimed victory. In every area of Geoff's life he made sure that he gave his best.  

A girl's best friend. A lifelong subscriber to Cosmopolitan. He claimed he understood women better than they did. Always keen to discuss the latest gossip or the latest revolutionary diet. Maybe that's why so many girls considered him to be such a good friend.

The Hypochondriac. The Sleepless Nights. The secret Benolin drinker.

The true friend. Geoff touched so many people's lives and made them better. He always had time to listen, offer advice, and give his unique slant on events. For this reason he'll be sorely missed by so many people.

Losing Geoff at such an early age is a tragedy that is difficult for all of us to come to terms with. One way is to think about it, is to think about  what Geoff would have been thinking now, and what he would have wanted.  He would have been so pleased that so many people came together to celebrate his life. He would have loved the media coverage, even if not all of the pictures were of Geoff at his fighting weight. Front page of the Chronicle and Echo. Page 2 of the Sunday Times. A Geoff Campbell documentary on the BBC.  A bear hug for brother Rob from Bill Clinton.

And Geoff  would love people to spend time talking about the memories of Geoff Campbell. So let's do it. And Geoff Campbell will live on.

Michael & Geoff
University days





Geoff demonstrating his Tiger Woods technique



Geoff, Paul Riedy & Michael on one of their many nights out.